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I know there hasn’t been a lot of posting happening here – in fact I think (blush) my last post was in April of 2008 – but there’s NEW Rocky Point news.

There’s a renewed interest in Rocky Point. We’ve heard buzz like this before but it looks like the initiative to make all of Rocky Point a public park is back on the docket. And I’m a believer that anything that puts Rocky Point Park back in the public eye is worth discussing. Especially when we’re hearing talk of securing all of the park’s land for public use.

That means hikes along the rocky shore, picnics by the bay, and day trips not unlike the steamboat day trips Rhode Islanders took to the Point over 200 years ago!

The Rocky Point Foundation, the group that has taken the reins on this campaign, needs your help. They need your signatures and stories and any monetary donations if you can give them (they understand that this is a tight time for Rhode Islanders and any amount – be it $5) will help continue their good mission.

You can read the specific details about the public park push for the Point in yesterday’s ProJo or here.

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